How you can Identify a Carpenter Ant Invasion

The carpenter ant is easily the most common pest ant based in the Northern US. Within their natural habitat, ants are extremely advantageous creatures. Additionally they look for moist wood to construct their nests in (wet wood is simpler to munch through than dry!) so that as edge in the game, they assist eliminate rotten wood, decomposing fallen trees and rotten old stumps.

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However, whenever a colony of carpenter ants makes its way on your turf you will find them significantly less useful. These ants aren't selective about where they occupy residence, as lengthy as there is a close supply of moisture: stumps, fence posts, hollow doorways, behind baseboards, window frames, basements, attics and so forth and so on. A sizable invasion of ants not treated may cause serious structural damage because they tunnel through wood growing their nest.

It's harder to recognize a carpenter ant by sight than by its tell-tale behavior. Carpenter ant colonies thrive in warm, moist weather. If you notice a 'frass' pile a stack of excavated wood particles, and see worker ants nearby, there's a strong possibility that you've got a carpenter ant invasion.

The very first factor you will want to do for those who have carpenter ants is to locate their nest. Check any places that you think there's moisture for indications of frass or worker ants. They're most active during the night, foraging for food, so grab a flash light and stick to the ants for their nest.

When you have found the nest, you are able to destroy the colony effectively without chemicals by making use of an all natural ant bait that contains boron compounds. Borate is really a naturally sourced aspect of the earth so when ants eat it remarkable ability to digest meals are disrupted. Ants carry the bait to the nest where it's ingested through the queen, destroying the whole colony.

To avoid future infestations, eliminate moist conditions and isolate wood from direct connection with soil. Remove old logs and lumber from around your home and do not store fire wood within your house.

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